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New Canaan, CT -- March 26, 2008... Architect Alan Goldberg principal of AG/ENA, is working on a “Hydrogen Roadmap,” a plan for providing efficient, environmentally friendly hydrogen in Connecticut. Goldberg is undertaking this project as a member of the Connecticut Hydrogen Fuel Cell Coalition, a consultant to the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT).

The Connecticut Hydrogen Fuel Cell Coalition, comprised of representatives from the fuel cell and hydrogen industry, labor, educators, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and other stakeholders, is working on the “Hydrogen Roadmap” under a mandate from The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development. The plan, known as the Fuel Cell Economic Development Plan: Hydrogen Roadmap, will be submitted to the General Assembly for consideration

As a member of the Coalition’s Transportation Sub-Committee, Goldberg is developing a strategy to facilitate the commercialization of a hydrogen infrastructure. The “The Hydrogen Roadmap” envisions building hydrogen fueling stations in three expandable clusters throughout the state. Initially the stations will offer a range of alternative fuels: hydrogen, Ethanol, bio-diesel and compressed natural gas. As hydrogen and fuel cell cars become more widespread, the other alternative fuels would be phased out because none of them has the advantages to the degree that hydrogen offer, of greater energy efficiency and improved air quality. In addition to cars, the stations will have the capacity to fuel clean, quiet, electrically-propelled hydrogen fuel cell buses.

The plan is to design alternate fuel stations as “Living Laboratories” featuring Information Centers with interactive exhibits that explain how hydrogen is produced, stored and used to power cars--in short, to give the visitor a memorable hydrogen experience.

According to Mr. Goldberg, “Our goal is to begin the journey toward a more efficient, clean, safe, renewable energy--hydrogen.”